The snow is here.

Another season is coming to an end. Picked up leaves in the snow today, maybe more snow than leaves. Working on wrapping up clean-ups for the year. I want to thank my long term customers for hanging in there with me through the crazy Ohio weather.

Powell, Oh Lawn Care

Lawn Care – Powell, Oh


Lawn care is a vague description of our business. At Kaser Property Services we are a full service lawn care company. We provide many services and add more every year. Currently we provide lawn mowing, weed eating or string trimming, sidewalk edging, Spring and Fall clean-up and leaf removal, flower bed shaping and edging with sod removal, new flower bed and tree ring installation, mulching  (mulch install), weed removal and prevention, weekly flower bed maintenance, hedge trimming, tree, shrub and plant installation, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, dethatching, over-seeding and reseeding. If there are any lawn care services you need and don’t see, give us a call, we probably do that to or can try to point you in the right direction.


Residential lawn care – Powell, Oh. When we say residential, we mean homeowners. We’re not looking to get into a bidding war to see who can do the job the cheapest and fastest. Our long time customers know when they need a job done one call to Kaser Property Services is all they need and our lawn care team will get the job done fast and efficiently without sacrificing quality. We all take pride in our work and knowing whatever lawn care task is at hand it will be done right the first time.


Kaser Property Services  believes in simple written or verbal lawn care service agreements for our residential customers not lengthy confusing contracts that lock you into paying for lawn care services longer than you need or can afford them. We understand that sometimes stuff happens that may affect a person’s weekly or monthly income. With a contract if you lose your job, you still have to pay for lawn care services. With a service agreement, give us a call and we will work with you on payment plans or suspend services until you get back on your feet. Our customers are our lifeline and we will be there when they need us through thick and thin.


Commercial lawn care – Powell, Oh. Looking for an affordable solution to get you commercial property or business whipped into shape or just maintained. We take pride in making sure your customers feel comfortable checking out your well kept business. In the Spring we will spruce up your flower beds and tree rings and maintain them throughout the year. Your lawn stripes will be the envy of your neighbors and competitors during the lawn care season. In the winter we will be there to make sure your customers and employees have a safe trip through the parking lot into the building. Our snow removal team is on watch before the first snowflake falls.


Kaser Property Services goal is to put together a lawn care contract to keep your business safe and looking good year round with your commercial lawn care budget in mind. We try to stay competitive with our prices but we put quality above price all day, every day. We don’t thrive to be the cheapest lawn care company around but we do thrive to be the best in quality and service in Powell, Oh.

Whether you are looking for residential lawn care in Powell, Oh or commercial lawn care in Powell, Oh Kaser Property Services wants to do business with you. Jobs big and small we want to earn your business now and for years to come. Send us an email, request a quote, contact us or just give us a call (740)816-9198. We check our phones and computers daily and are waiting for the opportunity to provide you with the lawn care services you need.

Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care, Central Oh

Winter is is finally coming to an end. Time to get ready for Spring chores. After a long cold winter, the last thing you may want to think about is lawn care in Central, Oh but it is a big part of maintaining your property. After the snow melts off the grass you can evaluate your lawn and flower beds. In your lawn you are going to want to look for dead spots and places where the grass has died and you are left bare spots in your yard. These can be fixed by removing the dead grass and adding topsoil where it is needed. Add grass seed to the topsoil and rake in for good germination then add straw and water daily unless it rains. You can stop watering your new grass every day and move to a few times a week until grass is thick and green. Flower beds are another parts of you property maintenance, Usually a Spring Clean-up is needed, then mulch and any plant materials you may want to add. Start by getting any remaining leaves from fall and all dead plant materials away from your home and flower beds. After plant materials are gone we will move to hedge trimming (trimming bushes). Next part of the Spring clean-up – Central, Oh is edging or re-defining flower beds and tree rings. Finally choose your mulch or go with the same mulch you have used in the past. After installing your mulch, you will just need to do regular routine flower bed maintenance. Weed control can be the most time consuming but is necessary to keep your flower beds looking up to par. We suggest a liquid weed killer for the open sections of your beds and hand pulling the weeds close to your plants. If you do these two things on a weekly basis, you will have less and less weeds to deal with each week. At Kaser Property Services and Lawn Care we provide all of these services and many more. Give us a call at 740-816-9198 for a free lawn care estimate or if you would just like some advice about your lawn.

Blog Preparing your lawn for winter

Kaser Property Services and Lawn Care – Blog

Getting your lawn prepared for winter is very important for a healthy lawn the next year. If your soil is compacted, right before winter is a great time to aerate your lawn. Aerating before winter will give you nice soil to over-seed in the spring and the holes from aerating will have closed up for the most part so you won’t have to worry about losing half of your grass seed in three inch holes. If you performed a fall clean up or hired a lawn care service to do your fall clean up than you shouldn’t have to worry about leaves. If you didn’t perform a fall clean up than you want to make sure the leaves are at least chopped up by mowing over them before it starts to snow. Leaving leaves piled up on your lawn over the winter can cause major damage to your turf by blocking out the sun or growing mold.If you don’t pick up the leaves, plan on having some patchy spots by spring. Now if this happens it can be repaired, but may be expensive. Another important factor is how long the grass is when it snows. We like to be between 3 – 3.5 inches. If the lawn is to long the snow will lay the grass over and have the same effects as not picking up the leaves. Last but not least is a Winter fertilizer treatment. This needs to be performed as late in the season as possible, just so it will provide nutrients to your lawn throughout the winter. A weed and feed may be necessary rather than a straight fertilizer if you have some stubborn, hard to kill weeds. Weeds are easier to kill after they go dormant. Keep in mind when you are deciding whether or not you want to take these steps that  a Fall clean up and one last mow is going to be a lot cheaper than repairing your lawn. The Winter treatment is not something you have to do but will give you grass a better start for Spring.  Scotts has a good winterguard but usually costs about the same to hire a lawn care company as it would to use their products yourself. Thanks for reading my blog. Please give us a call if you are interested in any of the services mentioned or anything else.


Coming out of summer into fall. It’s time to start rebuilding your lawn. The past two years have been fairly mild as far as heat and and the amount of rainfall. With that being said there may still be some some repairs needed for your lawn. A good shot of fertilizer is a good place to start. Your lawn may be starving for food after summer. The best way to feed your lawn is to add a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of topsoil to your lawn, dumping small piles of topsoil throughout your yard and raking it into your grass. This can be done any time. If you plan on over-seeding do it early spring or fall. If you are planning on hiring a professional lawn care company, it can be a pricey investment to your lawn. If adding topsoil to your lawn doesn’t fit into your budget, a couple good fertilizer treatments will definitely help. If you have several patchy spots an over-seed may be necessary. Companies have been known to cut corners while doing an over-seed. If you don’t de-thatch or add topsoil throughout your yard and cut the grass to 2 inches chances are you are paying for something that’s going to have bad results, granted if you drop enough grass seed something is bound to grow. Spend the money and have it done right. A good over-seed will have fast noticeable results (7-10 days) you will start to see an improvement in your turf. Sometimes it’s cheaper to pay more once than pay less twice. After this process is completed be sure to water at least one time a day, twice if it’s warmer than normal. Scotts has several good do it yourself products for fixing bad spots, quick seed, patch master etc. If you are doing large areas, you may want to get an estimate from a professional lawn care company. Some times it can be cheaper to pay some one else to do the work than buying large amounts of an expensive product. Good luck, if you need an estimate or just want to talk about grass give us a call