It’s not quite like having your very own gardener, but it’s close. Kaser Lawn Care and Landscaping Service in Dublin, Ohio provides expert care for your trees and shrubs ensuring their continued growth and development. It’s one of the easiest, most effective ways of protecting your valuable landscape investment. Following your initial property inspection we monitor your landscape plants, noting their response and looking for any signs of trouble.


The longer, hotter days of summer can tax your turf from the blades to the roots, and they can really tax you too if you’re trying to achieve a great lawn all on your own. Kaser Lawn Services in Dublin, Ohio is here to help with a tailored lawn care plan that prepares your turf for the coming summer heat and offers a full line of lawn care services so homeowners can achieve a lawn they love.


Your home is one of your biggest investments, and how you maintain it will show up instantly in your lawn and garden. Our lawn care service plans start with a lawn analysis to explore your soil condition, grass type and lawn usage. From there we design a tailored year-round plan to give your lawn exactly the help and protection it needs at key stages in every season.


We are the best snow removal service in Dublin, Ohio with specialized equipment for snow removal stored on larger sites for immediate response. When snow or ice is predicted, we dispatch crews before the first snowflake hits the ground. We are on top of the situation for each and every snow event 24 hours 7 days a week any day.

From your driveways, walkways, parking lots and gated communities, we are able to handle any snow and ice removal situation in the Dublin, Ohio area. Our snow removal and salting team use special salts designed to protect surfaces and plants. We also ensure that our services pose no danger to pets’ delicate paws or ingestion.



Lawn Care – Dublin, Oh


Lawn care is a vague description of our business.At Kaser Property Services we are a full service lawn care company. We provide many services and add more every year. Currently we provide lawn mowing, weed eating or string trimming, sidewalk edging, Spring and Fall clean-up and leaf removal, flower bed shaping and edging with sod removal, new flower bed and tree ring installation, mulching  (mulch install), weed removal and prevention, weekly flower bed maintenance, hedge trimming, tree, shrub and plant installation, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, dethatching, over-seeding and reseeding. If there are any lawn care services you need and don’t see, give us a call, we probably do that to or can try to point you in the right direction.


Residential lawn care – Dublin, Oh. When we say residential, we mean homeowners. We’re not looking to get into a bidding war to see who can do the job the cheapest and fastest. Our long time customers know when they need a job done one call to Kaser Property Services is all they need and our lawn care team will get the job done fast and efficiently without sacrificing quality. We all take pride in our work and knowing whatever lawn care task is at hand it will be done right the first time.


Kaser Property Services  believes in simple written or verbal lawn care service agreements for our residential customers not lengthy confusing contracts that lock you into paying for lawn care services longer than you need or can afford them. We understand that sometimes stuff happens that may affect a person’s weekly or monthly income. With a contract if you lose your job, you still have to pay for lawn care services. With a service agreement, give us a call and we will work with you on payment plans or suspend services until you get back on your feet. Our customers are our lifeline and we will be there when they need us through thick and thin.


Commercial lawn care – Dublin, Oh. Looking for an affordable solution to get you commercial property or business whipped into shape or just maintained. We take pride in making sure your customers feel comfortable checking out your well kept business. In the Spring we will spruce up your flower beds and tree rings and maintain them throughout the year. Your lawn stripes will be the envy of your neighbors and competitors during the lawn care season. In the winter we will be there to make sure your customers and employees have a safe trip through the parking lot into the building. Our snow removal team is on watch before the first snowflake falls.


Kaser Property Services goal is to put together a lawn care contract to keep your business safe and looking good year round with your commercial lawn care budget in mind. We try to stay competitive with our prices but we put quality above price all day, every day. We don’t thrive to be the cheapest lawn care company around but we do thrive to be the best in quality and service in Dublin, Oh.

Whether you are looking for residential lawn care in Dublin, Oh or commercial lawn care in Dublin, Oh Kaser Property Services wants to do business with you. Jobs big and small we want to earn your business now and for years to come. Send us an email, request a quote, contact us or just give us a call (740)816-9198. We check our phones and computers daily and are waiting for the opportunity to provide you with the lawn care services you need.


Fall Clean Up and Leaf Removal – Dublin, Oh


As the leaves begin to fall you may be wondering how you are going to get your property cleaned up before Winter. From getting your flower beds cleaned out to getting the leaves removed from your lawn or mulched before your grass goes dormant until Spring. We’re here to help at Kaser Property Services in Dublin, Oh.


Your flower beds are very important when it comes to the curb appeal of your property in Dublin. Leaves piled up in the beds can do damage to your perennials over the course of a cold winter. After all of the leaves are out of the beds, your annuals and perennials will need to be cut back a.n.a. deadheading. Hedges and bushes will also need their final trim of the year.   Getting the leaves out of the beds and all of your trimming done can be time consuming and hard on the back without the right lawn care equipment. We have the tools needed to get the job done efficiently and leave your property neat for the winter.


As beautiful as Fall is, who wants to spend hours and hours raking leaves off of their lawns? We do! Removing the leaves from your lawn or mulching them may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is. Your lawn’s root system will continue to grow throughout the winter. Provided your lawn has nutrients and does not have a thick layer of leaves blocking the sun. Any time the temperature is above 40 degrees and the sun is out. Make sure your leaves are cleaned up and your grass is cut a little shorter for winter to have a strong root system come spring in Dublin, Oh.


After your leaves are cleaned up and your flower beds have been cleaned out there is one more thing you may consider doing. A lawn treatment can be a fairly cheap way to give your lawn that extra boost it to get through Winter. As mentioned before there will be times that the grass will grow during the colder months. If the lawn looks thin and has some bare spots, this is an indicator that you need to add some fertilizer. There are some other ways to feed your lawn but a simple treatment is definitely the most cost effective.


Whether you are a do it yourselfer or you wish to hire a lawn care professional to do the work for you, fall clean up is necessary to maintain your property. As always Kaser Property Services is here to help you get through the clean up process. If you want to do half the work yourself and hire us for the rest, your best lawn care interests are ours as well. Check out our lawn care – Dublin, Oh.


Lawn Mowing Services – Dublin, Oh


Using our lawn mowing services in Dublin, Ohio is a great way to make some extra time in a busy schedule. Many people save a day on the weekends to mow their grass. What if it rains all weekend. Then you’re mowing during the week, possibly after work. Mowing grass shouldn’t be a burden on anyone’s schedule. Let us at Kaser Property Services take care of all you lawn mowing needs in Delaware Ohio. We know that your lawn will need to be mowed more often in the Spring, less in the summer and in between in the fall. We will put together an affordable lawn care program, do our best to stay within your budget and take the burden off your shoulders. Give us a call for a free lawn mowing estimate today.


When mowing a lawn in Dublin, Oh there are three steps that we take. First and most important, mowing the lawn. We use high grade commercial lawn mowers. The mowers we use will leave a nice even cut and give you the lawn stripes you have always wanted. Our staff has years of experience running these mowers. They know how to turn to keep from tearing the grass. Next we will use a string trimmer also known as a weed eater. All sidewalk and driveway edges, flower beds and trees will be trimmed as needed. To end each mow the crew will blow the grass clippings off of all hard surfaces and flower beds while doing a visual inspection of your lawn to make sure nothing was missed.


Knowing when to mow your grass and when to let it grow for another week is essential to your lawn care. During the rainy months of Spring your lawn may need an extra mow from time to time. Normally we won’t perform an extra mow without a request from our clients so we don’t go over their budget. In the hot Summer months, unless you are watering your lawn regularly and using fertilizer the grass will most likely slow down and need to be mowed less. Our Dublin lawn care professionals will determine when this needs to happen unless we receive a call from our client asking us to do so sooner. Once fall gets here the growth of the lawn will speed back up and leaves will begin to fall. As the leaves fall we will continue to mow weekly, that way we can mulch your leaves and turn them into compost for your turf.


There are many way to stay within budget when mowing grass. Mowing faster, poor clean up and just cutting corners. We call this cheap lawn care. At Kaser Property Services this is unacceptable. We know we’re not always going to be the cheapest lawn care company in Lewis Center. To keep the prices down for our clients there are a couple things we do so we don’t need to cut corners and quality. We have service areas and we stick to them, if you are too far away we won’t mow your grass. More traveling means higher cost and we don’t want our customers paying extra for drive time and gas. We stick to our routes and drive less in between lawns. We also spend a lot of time training our guys in quality and efficiency. Doing these things we get the job done faster without sacrificing quality, in turn the savings go back to our clients and you can get your grass cut cheap without hiring a cheap lawn care company.

Thank you for your interest in our lawn mowing services. As always lawn care estimates are free, give us a call or stop and talk to us while we’re mowing your neighbors.   


Mulching and Edging – Dublin, Oh


As Winter ends and Spring begins you may want to start thinking about your lawn care in Dublin, Oh. A good place to start is your flower beds and mulch rings. The flower beds and rings will need to be cleaned out after winter even if you had performed a fall clean-up the year before. After all debris and dead plant materials are removed you will need to decide which variety of mulch you would like to use. After the beds have been edged a nice layer of mulch will need to be added. Before the job is completed all hard surfaces and landscape edging will need to be blown off and any mulch on the street will need to be cleaned up.


When cleaning out the flower beds the first thing to do is get any leaves left over from fall. Pulling weeds will be the next on the list. It’s important to get as many weeds pulled before laying mulch to help prevent future weeds from coming up. Some bushes may need to be touched up as well. All of the trimmings need to be raked out of the bushes and beds so you don’t have leaves fall into your fresh mulch in Dublin, Oh.


Picking the right mulch for your property ( commercial or residential ) can be a simple task if you are planning on using the same mulch you have used in the past. When starting from scratch it may be a little more difficult. At Kaser Property Services our experienced lawn care staff can help you find the right kind of mulch in Dublin, Ohio. There are several different colors of mulch to choose from and single processed, double processed, and triple. Usually we will recommend double processed brown much for properties located outside of city limits and double processed black mulch for inside city limits. If you have your own preferences we will go with the type of mulch you pick for your flower beds and tree rings. Whether you know exactly what you want or need some help deciding we’re here to help.


Before mulch is laid some kind of edging in Dublin, Oh is necessary to keep the mulch in the beds and out of the grass. We offer edging and redefining. Edging is done with a flat tip shovel around flower beds that either need their first edge or have not been edged before. Redefining the edges is done when the flower beds have been edged the previous year. Redefining is achieved with a bed redefiner. This tool is a cross between a flower bed shaper and a stick edged. Either way there will be nice clean edges when completed.


To decide how much mulch to use in Dublin, Oh can depend on a couple different things. If you had mulch installed the year before you shouldn’t need 3-4 inches , 1-2 inches should be fine. There are exceptions to that rule. You may find some spots where the weather has blown or washed away some of the mulch. Kaser lawn care staff knows what to look for when estimating the amount of mulch needed. If the beds are being mulched for the first time 3-4 inches will give a good base for years to come. Adding mulch to the flower beds every year is essential for weed prevention.


Look no further than Kaser Property Services and lawn care – Dublin, Oh for your mulching services – Dublin, Oh. Our prices are competitive and we work for every dollar we charge.


Spring Clean Up – Dublin, Oh


The long winter months can really make your Dublin property look messy come spring. With the right lawn care service, a good Spring clean up can quickly get your lawn and flower beds heading in the right direction. At Kaser Property Services and Lawn Care we have the manpower and experience to get your clean up done fast and efficiently. We will start by getting any remaining leaves from fall and all dead plant materials away from your home and flower beds. After plant materials are gone we will move to hedge trimming (trimming bushes). Last part of the Spring clean up is edging or re-defining flower beds and tree rings. This service is optional, depending on if you are planning to have mulch installed as well.


To remove the leaves from your property we will be using a combination of many tools and equipment. Backpack blower to get the leaves away from the house and beds and a rake in tight areas. Once away from your house we will remove them from your lawn with either a tarp or leaf vacuum. Any plants that still need to be deadheaded will be cut with loppers or hedge trimmers, then removed from the beds with a rake and wheel barrel. All dead plant materials will be hauled away or dumped on premises in Dublin, Oh at your discretion.


Trimming bushes becomes easy with experience. Hedge trimming seems like an easy task , but without experience and knowledge of what you are trimming it’s not hard to do more damage than good. Our Delaware lawn care team has many years of experience and know what to trim and what not to trim. If your bushes and hedges are in real bad shape it may take a spring and fall trim to get them looking the way we like them. Taking off too much at one time can burn the bush and that is not something we want to do.


Edging or re-defining the flower beds and tree rings will keep your beds clean and crisp. The purpose of edging is to keep your beds and rings separate from your grass and to hold mulch in place. Edging is done with a flat tip shovel. This is necessary when the beds have not been edged in a couple years. We will use the shovel to re-shape your beds and get them back to the way they are supposed to look. After the beds are shaped we will remove and haul away all of the sod left from edging. Re-defining is done when the flower beds are edged every year. This is done with a power tool and can potentially save a lot of time and money vs edging with a shovel. Instead of having sod to haul away the re-definer will chop up the edgings and throw them back into the beds.


If you have plans for Spring don’t let your lawn and landscape chores keep you from your plans. At Kaser Property Services we can handle any task you send our way. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to hear from you soon.