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When you are looking for a company to clean your Delaware home, what should you be looking for? At Kaser Property Services you will get employees that are trustworthy and dedicated to their job, their family and your home. Our courteous staff is ran by Misty Bango, born and raised in Delaware, Oh. Misty is a wife and a mother to three children. She knows the importance of a clean and healthy environment. If you give us a call for your free home consultation you will be meeting with her personally.
During you initial consultation Misty will be taking notes and explaining what we offer and for how much. The price to have your house cleaned ion Delaware is usually cheaper than expected. I’m not going to go into great detail of how we clean, due to trade secrets but i will say our goal is to make you house a little cleaner each clean.
We do recommend a monthly hepa filtration system be used at your home once a month. A hepa filtration system is a commercial vacuum that just digs deeper to remove allergens from vacuuming your house. These vacuum bags are a one time use filtration bag that we are more than happy to show you what is pulled out of the carpet after we run your vacuum over an area of your choice.
There are several companies out there looking to make an extra buck, cleaning houses. We’re in it for the long haul. Our hourly rates are usually a bit higher than our competition’s, but you get what you pay for. With an experienced and dedicated home cleaning staff, you will receive a higher quality clean at a faster pace. That means the people charging less in Delaware, Oh are going to take longer to clean your house and you will end up paying more for less in the long run.

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Commercial Janitorial, Office and Maid Cleaning Services – Delaware, Oh

Whether you are looking for someone to do a full clean at your place of business or just a quick weekly sweep, we can accommodate your needs and you can write off our Delaware cleaning services. Bottom line we show up to clean and nothing else. Our staff have full background checks and we don’t employ slackers, we always get the job done. Our experienced Delaware cleaning staff knows how to find the knooks and crannies not avoid them so you may not see them. If you have a cleaning staff or a cleaning company that you are not happy with or think could do better meet with our head Delaware, Oh foreman, Misty, and give us a shot to impress you, and we will.Commercial Janitorial, Office and Maid Cleaning Services – Delaware, Oh

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Throughout your home and business in Delaware, Ohio 43015
Remove your cobwebs from ceilings, this is done with a high duster, rag and ladder if needed in your Delaware, Oh home/business. This cleaning service in Delaware, Oh is essential not only as a basic cleaning service but one less place for you to clean.
Dust blinds and Window ledges, lights, lampshades, ceiling fan blades and cold air vents. Dust Window sills, lock ledges, knick-knacks, pictures, railings
The one place that is most commonly over looked in cleaning your Delaware, Ohio home/business is baseboards. These are often left Un-touched which leave many things behind (dog hair if you have pets, cob webs and spiders). Kaser Property Cleaning Services in Delaware Ohio will be sure to make sure that these are not missed every time your Home/business in Delaware, Ohio is Cleaned. We will take the time the wipe down kitchen pantry doors(inside and out), cabinets top to bottom and will even take the time to make sure the ledges of cabinets don’t get the grimey build up in the cracks.
Mirrors are supposed to be polished and shine. This basic cleaning service in Delaware, Ohio will allow more light to reflect in your home/business in Delaware ,Ohio. Who likes to see their beautiful mirrors have spots, streaks or finger prints . Mystic Cleaning Service in Delaware, Ohio will not let you down.
Vacuum furniture/wipe leather(varies on home) theses are not considered extra services at Kaser Property Services. We consider these a must on ever clean, because we value your investment in your home/business in Delaware, Ohio. Furniture is not cheap and if it is taken care of properly then it can last a longer period of time.
Vacuum floor, rugs in all areas of your home/business in Delaware, Ohio. We replace our filters in our vaccums to make sure that allergens are not transferred from home to home, or business to business. If you would prefer for Kaser Property Services to use your equipment please specify in our first conversation or in home/business consultation in Delaware, Ohio.
Cleaning and sanitize floors on our hand and knees as long as the area is not to large. We prefer to mop all floors this way, it allows you to get the areas of the flooring (grout, hard dirt spots, baseboards) that may other wise be looked over. Our Delaware, Oh home/house cleaning service likes to take our time and protect your investments in your home/business in Delaware, Ohio.
Remove trash, replace liner and wipe lids and trash dispensers and any other spills that may have made a mess in the areas surrounding the area.

Bathroom Services in Delaware, Ohio 43015
Your bathroom is a vital area of your home/business. If this area of your home/business is not cleaned properly than you may notice that you have soap scum build up, and possibly some pink mold or even mold build up with in or around the seals of your tub. Kaser Property Services in Delaware, Ohio will take the steps to ensure that we scrub and sanitize all areas of your showers, shower head, tubs, sinks, counters, and toilets. We will take the steps to clean and shine glass shower doors, and clean runners so there will be less moisture for the germs to increase.
We take the time to clean Faucets, sinks and drains with a toothbrush to remove debris and build up .
Shower racks are wiped along with shampoo/conditioner bottles, and soap dishes as well.
Kaser Property Services enjoys the beauty of shine, to keep your bathroom very polished. This includes polishing mirrors and faucets.

Kitchen Services in Delaware, Ohio 43015
Kaser Property Services knows that cooking in your kitchen is a messy task, and often food spills are often missed on the outside of your appliances. We will clean and shine all of the outside of your appliances, inside and outside of your microwave to insure your Delaware, Ohio home/business investments are well taken care of.
We will clean drip pans, grates, or scrub glass stove top to ensure that those left behind spills or build up don’t ruin your appliances.
Kaser Property Services will clean you kitchen cupboards on every visit , with no additional charge. We feel that you spend thousands of dollars on your kitchen, and we want to make sure your investment is kept in great condition.( interiors when requested for an additional charge)
Kaser Property Services sanitizes your Delaware, Ohio homes/business counter tops (we will move and wipe under all items unless excessive number of items, or directed not too)
We will clean and polish sink, drains, and faucets to make sure the are beautifully shinny, and also wipe soap dispensers
Hand-wipe all kitchen furniture (table tops, chair seats legs and any other furniture accessories in your Delaware, Ohio home/business.

Recurring Services, In Delaware, Ohio 43015

Our goal with recurring service is to keep your home/business maintained. Weekly a bi-weekly services typically include all of the tasks listed under Initial Cleaning except we spot clean cupboards as necessary and we rotate the following items which typically do not need to be done each visit:

Visit A : High dust/cobweb areas (6′ to 8′ high,including ceiling fans,lights, fixtures, top of fridge,ect.)
Visit B : Dust Blinds and window treatments
Visit C: Low dust/baseboards (kitchens, baths, and stairways are cleaned ever visit)

Monthly Services, In Delaware, Ohio 43015

Four week service is often called monthly,however, it is every four weeks- we do not schedule monthly cleans the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Customized Cleaning, In Delaware, Ohio 43015

We are locally owned and operated so we are able to customize our services to suit each client.

Do you want kitchen and bathrooms only or some other combination? Let us know… we are flexible:
However, the 2 hour minimum applies and please let us know in advance if you would like to increase that time . We will need to make sure we can schedule the extra time and still accommodate the rest of our schedule. We would like to have a 48 hr notice in this case.

One-Time or As-Needed Cleaning, In Delaware, Ohio 43015

We will customize one-time cleanings to your specific requirements. This service can include some or all of the tasks included in the Initial Cleaning Service- you tell us what you would like and we will take care of it. This service is priced per hour and we have a 4 hour minimum.

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning, In Delaware, Ohio 43015

A move-in or move out cleaning is a great way to ease the stress of packing and moving. This cleaning service takes place when the home is empty. Please make sure we have hot water and power.

We will customize move-in and move out cleanings to your specific requirements. This service can include some or all of the tasks included with the Initial Cleaning Service- you tell us what you would like done and we will take care of it. This service is priced by the hour and we have a four-hour minimum.

For Sale Cleaning – Delaware, Oh

Kaser Property Services will make your home/business look its best in preparation for showings and open houses. We know how challenging it can be to maintain a home/business for viewings. We will customize your cleanings to your specific requirements.This service can include some or all of the tasks included with the Initial Cleaning Service- you tell us what you would like and we will take care of it. This service is provided by the hour and there is a three hour minimum.

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