Residential Woods and Lot Clean up Lewis Center, Oh

During the Lewis Center winter months, lawn care companies run out of stuff to do. If the temperatures are higher than normal something we specialize in is lot clearing at unbeatable rates. When I say lot clearing I’m not talking about making a wooded area ready to build a home on. If that is what you need we can do that too. Several properties that we see, mostly country Lewis Center, Oh lots, have at least some portion of property that is unusable woods and brush. For a fraction of the cost of a giant Tree Service, we will clean up that area and make it into a usable shaded area for you and your family to enjoy.
We start with a personal discussion to decide three things. 1. Your budget, our minimum and what you are going you get for your money. 2. What is the smallest diameter of tree you would like to keep. 3. Do you want the trees and brush hauled away, shredded or left somewhere on your property to dispose of yourself We can perform a 10 minute on site demo of what you are looking for at you Lewis Center, Oh location.
After we have decided exactly what you are looking for we get started. Typically there will be three guy crews on a Lewis Center Lot Clearing crew, one chainsaw running and to guys pulling brush and debris away from the chainsaw. After we have cleared the area, we will run a walk behind mower through to make sure the area can be easily maintained by the homeowner with just a mower. In some cases the homeowner will have us come back once to twice a month to pick up sticks and mow the cleared Lewis Center area with a commercial lawn mower rather than their own residential mower.
From time to time we will be asked or we may suggest that a fire pit be installed if we are maintaining the property. Since we are a lawn care company and not a paver company, once again you will save money because our rates are lower than a paver company and we will take into consideration that a fire pit will make the upkeep of your wooded area much easier when it comes to picking fallen branches.
Please give us a call for your free consultation. With the rates we charge, our service will increase the value of your property for less than you spend to have it done. Imagine your cluttered woods cleaned up for you and your family to enjoy, rather than an eyesore every time you look out the window.