Spring Clean Up – Delaware, Oh


The long winter months can really make your Delaware property look messy come spring. With the right lawn care service, a good Spring clean up can quickly get your lawn and flower beds heading in the right direction. At Kaser Property Services and Lawn Care we have the manpower and experience to get your clean up done fast and efficiently. We will start by getting any remaining leaves from fall and all dead plant materials away from your home and flower beds. After plant materials are gone we will move to hedge trimming (trimming bushes). Last part of the Spring clean up is edging or re-defining flower beds and tree rings. This service is optional, depending on if you are planning to have mulch installed as well.


To remove the leaves from your property we will be using a combination of many tools and equipment. Backpack blower to get the leaves away from the house and beds and a rake in tight areas. Once away from your house we will remove them from your lawn with either a tarp or leaf vacuum. Any plants that still need to be deadheaded will be cut with loppers or hedge trimmers, then removed from the beds with a rake and wheel barrel. All dead plant materials will be hauled away or dumped on premises in Delaware, Oh at your discretion.


Trimming bushes becomes easy with experience. Hedge trimming seems like an easy task , but without experience and knowledge of what you are trimming it’s not hard to do more damage than good. Our Delaware lawn care team has many years of experience and know what to trim and what not to trim. If your bushes and hedges are in real bad shape it may take a spring and fall trim to get them looking the way we like them. Taking off too much at one time can burn the bush and that is not something we want to do.


Edging or re-defining the flower beds and tree rings will keep your beds clean and crisp. The purpose of edging is to keep your beds and rings separate from your grass and to hold mulch in place. Edging is done with a flat tip shovel. This is necessary when the beds have not been edged in a couple years. We will use the shovel to re-shape your beds and get them back to the way they are supposed to look. After the beds are shaped we will remove and haul away all of the sod left from edging. Re-defining is done when the flower beds are edged every year. This is done with a power tool and can potentially save a lot of time and money vs edging with a shovel. Instead of having sod to haul away the re-definer will chop up the edgings and throw them back into the beds.


If you have plans for Spring don’t let your lawn and landscape chores keep you from your plans. At Kaser Property Services we can handle any task you send our way. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to hear from you soon.